Calgary updates

Here are some important updates to Social Media Marketing Unplugged in Calgary on this Saturday May 7, 2011.

1) Internet (WiFi) Connection:

Please reply asap or before 2:30pm tomorrow, Friday,if you require a wifi connection during the conference. Telus Convention Centre charges $10/connection/day, but you must order this by 2:30pm Friday, May 6, in order to get the connection. A cash payment of $10 is required on the day of the conference.

2) Program Change:

– Kemp Edmonds, Program Coordinator of HootSuite University of HootSuite Media, will replace Dave Olson as a feature speaker at the conference. Dave has specially recorded a video message for the attendees to introduce Kemp and explain why he is, regretfully, unable to attend the conference this Saturday.

– Dave Olson’s message is at:

3) Venue Location:

Macleod Hall D- South Building,
Calgary Telus Convention Centre
120 9 Avenue Southeast
Calgary, AB

4) Signing in:

– For signing-in on the day of the conference, please bring one piece of ID. (For WagJag ticket holders, please also bring your WagJag voucher. )
– Signing-in will start at 7:45am. Please arrive early to register, receive your conference package, name badge and choose your preferred seat.
– Conference will start at 8:30am sharp.